FH X BASS COAT was a thoroughly collaborative process whose work and product reflects entities and artists that brought what they do best to the table. DJ Creelfish was at the helm of the sounds that set the tones for this collaboration starting with the fourth installation of the BASS COAT mix. 

Along with DJ Eko, he set the vibe for the night of the event while Lady Fancy Nails brought together three nail artists: MagickShakira Holmes ( Shakira Nailed it ), and Mia Ruble ( Super Fly Nails ) to create wearable art for the evening including special collaborations with visual artists and jewelers steered by the Lady herself and Flavourhood. We'd like to think this evening is FH doing what it does best, creating a space in which artists shine.

Words By Ruth
Photos By Faiza

Seen 2 Opening Night

It was great to see old faces along with a whole new crowd come through to Seen 2. Good work just brings out the people and you can see from the few photos we took it was crackin. We at FH had hella fun putting this together and we're grateful for everyone involved - the photographers, UC Theatre, and Plantano for all their contributions. FH is all about positivity and good vibes thru the arts and we're happy to see the our community resonate with those ideas. 

Seen 2 Set-Up Show 2

With just a few days turnaround and little bit of hustle, a new set of photographers came through with some inspired effort to produce another amazing function for FH at the UC Theatre. Here are a few more pics on how all that art magic is made. 

Seen 2 Set-Up Show 1

Seen II was the latest FH undertaking.  A two part photo show showcasing 17 photographers.  Thanks to a partnership with the UC Theatre Group  we were able to curate a space in downtown Berkeley.  It took a lot of work to pull off but it all came together.  Seen II was a great success, due in no small part to the photographers that were involved.  We wanted to give you a two part sneak peak into the process of setting up for both shows.  Below are just a few photos of Show 1's set-up.  

The Return

Art has always been one of our biggest passions here at Flavourhood and whenever we get a chance to promote its positivity, we like to portray it a little differently. Finding a city wide block basement in the middle of Oakland abandoned for the better part of last 15 years gave us an opportunity to push the limits of what art is and what Flavourhood could become. The Return was 30 plus different bay area artists of all mediums coming together to put on the best art show we’ve ever been a part of.

It’s hard to describe just how amazing it all was but thanks to Lauren Crew, one of the artists participating in The Return, we have a way to look back at the opening night to see just how great a night it was.

Thank you Lauren for making us look good. 

Website - www.laurencrew.com
Instagram - @laurencrew
Twitter -  @laurenbcrew